Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When Work Travel Interrupts Training / Always Pack Underwear!

All of us athletes know how to make sure we get our workouts in when we're traveling for work.  Pack your running shoes.  Ask the front desk where to go running.  Head to the hotel gym.  Easy enough, right?  But what about when you were only expecting to be gone for ~15 hours, and that 15 hours suddenly 35 hours?  What do you do then?...

In anticipation of my 4am alarm Tuesday, I did a double workout Monday.  I ran 7 miles in the morning, and then did 30 minutes on the elliptical and lifted weights at night.  So when I left my apartment yesterday morning at 4:30am, I thought I was going to enjoy a nice recovery day.  Boy was I wrong. 

Here was the original plan: fly to JFK airport, go to a couple hours of meetings, head back to JFK to kill a few hours before my 6pm flight home.  Home in time to see the series finale of the Hills ;)

Here's what actually happened...
Fly to JFK airport, go to a couple hours of meetings, head back to JFK to find out 6pm flight is canceled.  This meant no Hills. :( Grab a spot on the 10:45pm flight, kill a few hours in JetBlue's awesome Terminal 5.  Grab dinner and eat it throw it away after looking up to see 10:45 flight is canceled.  Try to get on another flight home.  No luck.  Try to get a hotel room near the airport.  No vacancies.  Try to rent a car to start driving home.  All cars rented.  Get on train into Manhattan.  Maneuver my way up to the Radisson on 48th & Lexington (my hotel for the evening).  Watch the Hills!! Wake up to go for an early walk around the city in the same clothes I wore the day before.  Purchase running shorts/tshirt from Modells (Gotta go to Mo's) and underwear to change into.  Stop at Ess-a-bagel to get a hot and crusty cinnamon raisin bagel (a must in NYC, people!).  Pick up my rental car and drive 5 1/2 hours home.


Dinner.  I just love giant salads!

Apparently the FAA ordered bunch of flights to be canceled last night because of severe weather.  That explains all of my struggles to find hotels and rent cars.  But the funny thing is, it didn't rain at all in the city last night.  It was pretty nice actually.

That was the view from my hotel room at the Radisson on 48th and LexingtonMy mom deserves a shout out here.  I was kinda freaking out since my phone was dying, so she looked up flights options and hotels while I transported myself into the city.  She found this hotel for me.  


This was dinner round two, to make up for throwing my salad away at the airport.  These little smart fries are delicious!  I need to find out how I can get some more...  While we're back on the subject of food, I was very proud of my ability to walk past Magnolia Bakery and not go in to get banana pudding.  This is a major accomplishment for me.  It may have had something to do with how tired I was.

Anyway... what are your tricks to working out when you're traveling?  I'm usually pretty good about it, but when all I have in terms of apparel is a dress, heels, and flip flops, things get a little tough!  I did an okay amount of walking.  I am doing another double workout today to make up for it. :)

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