Monday, July 5, 2010

Running on Location

You know it, you love it.  Sure, you like the comfort of running in your neighborhood.  Knowing every turn of your route before you even take your first step.  But to me at least, there is nothing more exciting than trying out a new route.  Especially when it's on location.  You name it, I love it.  Sometimes it's visiting my sister or brother.  Or a nice vacation (running on the beach in Florida, anyone?).  Or, if you're lucky like me, you might be able to take advantage of the occasional work trip.  A great example of this:  Santa Monica, CA.  

I could run here every day.  I went to Santa Monica last fall for work, and squeezed in a couple runs to take in the scenery.  This particular picture above was taken on an evening run, which was awesome.  A nice breeze from the ocean, the perfect temperature, and a great sunset.  What's even better about running along the ocean in Santa Monica?  The bluffs that separate the beach from the 'real world'.  And the stairs you can climb for the ultimate heart rate workout (I took this picture after climbing what seemed like 500 stairs).  And the sand you can end your run on.  Before you proceed to take your shoes off and cool down in the ocean.  Darn it - now I want to go back!  Until then, I guess I'll have to hope for another run on location soon!

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