Saturday, July 10, 2010

Destination Running

We've heard of the destination wedding.  Travel someplace - typically a warm-weather beachy location - to get married.  I actually intend to do this someday, because I think it'd be more fun than a regular old wedding.  And it won't put me in debt too much debt.  And I'll get a nice tan.  Ok, back to topic posted above.  Destination Running. 

I think there are two types of destination running:

Type 1:  Travel to a location to then go running at that location. 
Type 2:  Run to a location of interest.  Then run back. 

I've never done Type 1 Destination Running, but I bet it'd be fun.  Imagine traveling to Florida or California to do some beach running.  Or to the mountains to do some good altitude training.  Note to self: add Type 1 Destination Running to the bucket list. 

I have however done plenty of Type 2 Destination Running.  Sometimes, in the various places I have lived in the past few years, I have run from my apartment to the gym, and then back.  But that is no fun, so let's talk about a better destination run.  Like these...

When I lived in Hoboken/NYC, some weekend mornings I would run to Central Park.  The run paused at Whole Foods in Columbus Circle, where I would get a blueberry bagel.  Mmm, blueberry bagels.  Then I'd run back to Hoboken.  Or, when the weather got warmer, I did a couple ice cream destination runs.  Yep.  Mister Softee himself.  Mmm, I miss Mister Softee.  Just a warning though - sometimes it's kinda tough to run after you eat ice cream.  Walk it off a little first.  

Whew, now to the present.  This past week, we had some oppressive heat here in NY.  We are not used to this sort of thing up here.  I mean, it snows in May here.  So when the temperature surpassed the 90 degree mark a few days in a row, I knew what I was doing.  A Type 2 Destination Run to 7-Eleven.  For a slurpee!  Yay!!  


Does anyone else out there every do destination runs?  Which type?  Where do you go?


  1. Nice!! I like the idea of a destination run to get ice cream!! I'll have to keep that in mind. I haven't really done any destination runs :( But I've done a destination wedding! Haha :)

  2. I really think destination wedding is the way to go, and I'm sure you agree!